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Bethany Beach

Founded over 100 years ago in coastal Delaware, this relaxed, small town has attracted out-of-state family vacationers as well as local visitors for decades. In great contrast to the wild nightlife scene of Dewey Beach and the trendy, metropolitan feel of Rehoboth Beath, Bethany has built a reputation as one of the Quiet Resorts bordered by Delaware State Seashore Park to the north, Fenwick Island State Park to the south, and of course the calming Atlantic Ocean to the east.

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Like Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach was founded by members of a mid-atlantic church group looking for a place to hold seaside retreats. Bethany still holds small town charm as well as a family friendly atmosphere in town, along the boardwalk and sureounding areas. See how the history of Wilgus is tied to our area including the Bethany Beach Bowling Alley that was located on the boardwalk before the Storm of '62.

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