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Millville is considered a "beautiful way of life." The town sits on Route 26 just three miles from Bethany Beach.  For a time, the names "Dukestown" and "Dukesville" were considered for the town because of the prominence and number of members of the Dukes family who resided in the area. Eventually, however, the town was named Millville because of the sorghum mills, lumber mills, and grist mills in the area. Millville is home to Holts Landing State Park, which is an undiscovered facet of the Diamond State's park system.  The 203-acres area contains a variety of beautiful landscapes, from bay shore beach to grassy fields and hardwood forests.   Of course, the most popular attraction at Holts Landing is the Indian River Bay.  On a clear day, visitors at the park have a grand view of the entire bay, from the Indian River Inlet bridge in the east to the river coves in the west.  The park's central location makes it a convenient launching point for small motorized boats, sailboats, windsurfing boards, and other small water craft.  A boat launching ramp provides easy access for trailered boats, too.  Fishing in the bay is a fun leisure activity, from boats or from the shoreline.  Lucky anglers may land a flounder, bluefish, perch, or sea trout.  The shallow bay waters are perfect for clamming, too.

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