Showing Guidlines

CURB APPEAL: That quality, appearance, location or style of a home that appeals to or draws a prospective buyer(s) from the REALTORS automobile into your home. The prospective buyer(s) want to look inside because the exterior exhibits care, good maintenance and pride of ownership.

Be sure to always:

  • Keep grass fertilized, watered and mowed.
  • Prune shrubs and bushes so the entry area is open and inviting.
  • Do not leave mowers, tools, etc., cluttering the exterior so it looks smaller than it really is and unattended
  • Wash down concrete drives of oil / grease stains
  • Keep the walk into your home clean, open and inviting with flowers or color

INTERIOR APPEAL: When buyer(s) enter your home, the first three feet they see sets the pattern of thought for the balance of your home and how open-minded the buyer(s) will be to the unique features and benefits of your home. A wrong impression here spells doom for the balance of the buyer(s) walk through.

Be sure to always:

  • Keep the front door lock in perfect functioning condition.
  • Keep the entry hall and lights clean and sparkling bright at all times.
  • Keep your home picked up so it looks lived in but neat.
  • Remove unnecessary furniture so rooms look big, open and airy.
  • Repair picture holes or other damage to the sheetrock walls.
  • Shampoo carpets and vacuum at least once a week so the carpet looks fresh and not worn down.
  • If a room needs painting - do it. Usually money spent in painting will more than pay for itself, sometimes two to three times over, in the offer.
  • Make sure the kitchen counter tops are not cluttered so prospective buyer(s) have lots of space to work in and with.
  • Bathrooms, kitchens and family rooms are key focal points so make sure rooms are clean and not cluttered.

Remember, other homeowners are trying to entice the same buyers, so we must look our very best!

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