Vacation Rentals



Check-in time varies by property and availability. If your home is available before the listed time on your contract, we will contact the cell number on file.

If you will be arriving after 5 p.m., your check-in package will be left in the rental foyer, which is unlocked, the envelope will have your name on it. 


Check-out time is NO LATER than 10:00am for all houses

with the exception of: 289A&B Bunting and 6&7 South Carolina.

Those 4 homes have a 9:00am check out time.

All Keys, permits and pool passes must be returned to our office by that time.

Once keys are returned to our office the property may not be occupied or re-entered for any reason. A key drop box is located outside our office door for early departures. Late check-outs will forfeit their $75.00 key/permit deposit. We ask that you leave the property in the condition it was found.


1. Replace all bedspreads after removing linens and return all furnishings to their original positions.

2. Dishes and cookware should be cleaned and put away, or in dishwasher on clean cycle.

3. Trash should be collected, bagged and placed in the outdoor container.

4. The refrigerator should be empty of all food and free of spills.

5. Counters, table tops and appliances should be wiped free of excess spills and smudges.

6. Carpets and floors should be broom clean of excess debris, food & sand.

7. Premises must be vacated with windows and doors locked and A/C set to 75 degrees by 10:00am. All cars and bikes must also be removed by 10:00am.

8. Property inspections will be made after check-out. There will be an extra charge if the above procedures are not followed.


If you have leftover, unopened, unused foods that you don’t have room to take home please consider leaving with our office.  We will take to one of our local food charities.

We will not be responsible for retrieving and or returning articles left in the properties!

A $25.00 retrieval fee will be charged in addition to the shipping fees.

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