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Below are the general steps when filing an insurance claim. Please note that all types of insurance have different claim procedures. Contact your insurance agent with questions or clarifications regarding your insurance policy and how to submit a claim.  If you have general questions please contact us at one of our offices.

  1. Phone your insurance company: Call your insurance company / agent as soon as possible, no matter where you are, even when you are not at fault. Ask your insurance company or agent what steps are need to file your insurance claim. The materials may include a copy of the police report, medical bills, or auto repair bills.
  2. Give insurance company the necessary information: You should provide your insurance company or agent with written notice of the accident or loss as soon as reasonably possible. This notice should include your name, names and addresses of all persons involved, details of the accident or disaster, and names and addresses of any witnesses.
  3. Keep records of all expenses related to the accident: You may be reimbursed under your policy for the expenses you incur as a result or in relation to an accident or disaster. Be sure to keep all receipts and proof of expenses during this time.
  4. Keep copies of all paperwork: Store your own copies of all your paperwork in your own files. They may be of use to you at a later date.
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We represent the leading names in the industry and we want you to be able to make your claim quickly and easily. The best way is to contact your insurance company directly.

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