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Homeowners Insurance

There are several reasons why getting homeowners insurance is important:

  1. Protection of your property: Homeowners insurance can provide financial protection for your home and personal belongings against damage or loss due to natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other perils like theft or vandalism.
  2. Liability coverage: Homeowners insurance can also provide liability coverage, which means if someone gets injured while on your property or if you or a family member accidentally damage someone else’s property, your policy can cover the costs of legal defense and settlement.
  3. Mortgage requirement: If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender may require you to have homeowners insurance to protect their investment in case of damage or loss.
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have insurance coverage can provide peace of mind, especially in areas prone to natural disasters or high crime rates.
  5. Cost-effective: Homeowners insurance is often relatively affordable and can provide significant financial protection in the event of a covered loss or liability claim.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your policy should include four main types of coverage:

Structure of Home

This type of coverage pays for the repair of rebuilding of your home in the event that it is damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricane, hail, lightening or other unforeseen disaster listed in your homeowners insurance policy.

Personal Belongings

The furniture, clothing, sports equipment, electronics and other personal items inside your home are covered if they are stolen or destroyed by fire, hurricane or other insured disaster listed in your insurance policy.

Liability Protection

Liability Protection covers you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that you or your family members cause to others. It also covers the damage caused by your four-legged companions (pets). This portion pays for both the cost of defending you and any court awards.

Additional Living Expenses

If your home is damaged to the extreme of being unlivable, this type of coverage pays for the additional costs of living away from your home. It covers hotel bills, restaurant meals and other expenses incurred during the rebuilding of your residence.

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